Monday, July 25, 2005


My husband works with our neighbor, who is his best friend and college roommate. They commute together and sit at desks in the same room. Now, they have access to Instant Messenger, because turning around to speak is just too much work.


Chris Mowrer says:Hi Christian!
Chris Mowrer says:Are you there?
Chris Mowrer says:Why won't you answer me?
Chris Mowrer says:Are you mad at me?
Chris Mowrer says:What have I done to incur your wrath?
Chris Mowrer says:I'll go kill myself immediately
Chris Mowrer says:unless of course you respond
Chris Mowrer says:soon
Christian says:dude! Calm down!
Chris Mowrer says:Oh thank god...I thought you were dead
Chris Mowrer says:but you aren't
Chris Mowrer says:and I'm happy
Christian says: dude!
Chris Mowrer says:later
Chris Mowrer says:flooby
Chris Mowrer says:geewhaaa
Christian says:you are insane
Chris Mowrer says:Yep...
Christian says:Just turn around and talk to me for god's sake.


Chris said...

Thanks to you both for preserving and distributing that burst of strangeness. Re-reading it made me giggle...and question my sanity. ;)

Das Klaun said...

There have been a few times when Shelswick was at the computer (she can spend literally days at a time playing on Neopets) and I've had to resort to unplugging the phone, attaching the cable to the laptop, connecting via dialup, and PMing her with Yahoo messenger to get her attention. I tells ya, a few more years and everybody's vocal cords are going to atrophy. Damn kids, with your PMing and your Beck and your Braun hand blenders...

Christian said...

Hey watch it when you dis Braun Hand Blenders. I've mixed many a protein shake in my day. Just like my hero, Arnold. (kidding about that last part)