Wednesday, March 03, 2010

As Viv stands wailing in her crib upstairs... I unsuccessfully try to get her to nap, I'm remembering her last year at this time, chubby and serious, still sleeping in the bassinet next to the bed, and finally ours. And now she's so tall and independent that I swear she's going to ask to take driver's ed so she can drive herself to work. I mean, look at the difference one year makes:

The day of her final adoption court hearing:

And now, at fifteen months:

Does every passing year bring changes this dramatic? I hope so.


ible said...

Go little scrumpnugget!

Tina Blewett said...

Sigh. Man!!! It's so true. they change so much it's UNREAL. I want my little monkey to stay this size always. He's the cuddliest sweetest most loving baby ever. I'd move mountains for his smile. But I'm sure it just keeps getting better!

mjbcoug said...

You'd think you'd both have learned from My Three Sons about how crazy it is. It is insane how quickly they grow and change. And you can't stop it or slow. I know. We've tried.