Saturday, March 28, 2009

It was the shrimp, wasn't it?

God, let's have a little chat. I gave up two things for lent: buying yarn and eating fast food. I've been incredibly devoted to that first promise, which has been surprisingly difficult. I've mentioned before how yarn is my soul's warm blanket on a cold, cold night, and not picking up a beautiful skein here are there has been utter torture. The skeins I already have are not shielding me from the bitter cold of the recession. However, not spending any money on anything, much less yarn, has been another kind of balm for my worry, so I'm at least glad for that. Oh, and everything I've knitted in the past month has been with yarn from my stash, so there.

So really, fast food was a secondary promise. I only gave it up to save us some money and calories. I don't eat it all that often, really, it's mainly a convenience thing, so when Christian brought home Ivar's shrimp and fries last night, I gladly ate the meal. It was already paid for, so throwing it away would have been wasteful, it was Friday, so no meat, and I've been sick for over a week with a sinus infection, as stated in my most recent post, so I haven't had a lot of energy to cook. So why the disproportionate punishment, oh white haired One?

That first call to the bathroom at 1 am started out blandly enough, I thought I just had a little distress from the fried food. Happens sometimes. I have tempermental bowels. But then, the violent one two to the gut, wrenching my stomach out through my belly button and wringing out the contents in front of my eyes, not one, not two, not even three but five or six times, until there was nothing left but tears in my eyes? And then, the next bout at 3, so brutal that the force of it lifted me to my tiptoes, gasping and choking. But that wasn't enough! At 5 I was so grateful to have a bathroom small enough where I could sit on the toilet and reach the tub that I could have kissed the porcelain if it hadn't been visited once before, and not by a kiss.

And now, unable to even keep water down, so wrung out and exhausted that even typing this is an effort that will render me useless for hours, wondering when it will end. And all because of that shrimp. I get it. You made your point.


mjbcoug said...

Amazing isn't it? We were over at Russ & Sandee's yesterday and she offered me a Bloody Mary and I told her I gave up alcohol for Lent. Later she offered again and asked "Will you get in trouble? Can't you just have one?" and I told her I wouldn't get in trouble per se but that I couldn't have just one. We Catholics just know how it works...

snusnu said...

Smiting. That's what will happen. Smiting,

Tina Blewett said...

Ooooh, poor, poor baby!! That sounds so incredibly horrible.

I usually give up swearing for lent, as my usual cuss is "Jesus Christ"! :) But I don't seem to be as bad this year. I really didn't give up anything for Lent, but I am still sticking to my vow of saying a Rosary a day, and I also decided to donate more. I have been really paranoid about money this last year, but no matter how poor I think I am, there's others waaaaaay needier. That's Poverty of Spirit, right?