Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The icing on the happy cake.

Dino Rossi is set to concede. I don't think I could have swallowed the bitter pill of having a 1920's ganster throwback as my Governor.

And, oh yeah, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, OBAMA WON! The tears, they were aflowin'. I love that man and his badass wife and my withered heart has been suffused with the revivifying elixer of optimism. So suck it, Republicans, suck it.


mjbcoug said...

I voted for Rossi - partly because I LIKE the idea of a 20's gangster-esque governor, and partly because I think Gregoire screwed things up royally the last 4 years. I was following the national trend and voting for CHANGE. It just so happened that in this case change meant a Sacco & Vanzetti GOP. Guess he didn't go to the mattresses quite enough this time around.

shellswick said...

You know I enjoys me some gangster...but, liking James Cagney or Michael Corleone wasn't enough to sway me. I thought his concession speech was pretty rad "I am excited to go back to the business sector. Business is waaay rader than stupid government. And, I totally get to eat my wife's dinner tonight, which is also rad. Yeaah see, yeah."
*The proceeding is not a direct quote but close enough that it is funny*

Scott said...

Yeah, we had a very emotional night to. A lot of joy for the changes coming to DC and it was very refreshing. Besides. I had no third party candidate that had won me over to vote indie this time so GO TEAM CHANGE!!!

OH, I also read that a lot of the youth were threatening to get cynical if Barack goes to DC and change does not happen. . .

Voting for president is not the only way to improve your world. We have a tonne of things to do in our community to make this thing work. Don't lay it all on Obama, this is OUR town. We gots tah work!