Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Technical Delays

Tech week always prevents me from posting. Four to five hour rehearsals every night for almost ten days tend to make one a wee bit listless. However, the opera has opened to two excellent reviews, and the only umbrage I take with both is the reviewers' criticisms of the set, which I love and think is freaking brilliant. Aside from the (hateful) raked platform stage, I find no fault with the scene the sets set (hee) at all. On the contrary, I think the feelings of mild claustrophobia and decrepit opulence suit the tone of the opera beautifully. And God, can Nuccia Focile sing. That woman is a heart-wrencher, she is.


mjbcoug said...

Susan Salas "of the Seattle Opera Chorus, meticulously rehearsed by director Beth Kirchhoff, deserve special notice for" her "seamless phrases and a crystalline sound."

snusnu said...

Man, don't I wish!