Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And what a lovely day it is, too.

Today is a momentous day for two notable reasons:

#1, my mother in law, the lovely and charming Lynn, who not only gave me her son but many knitting tips and tools, was born. May she remember this day for all the glorious things sure to come to her, deserving woman that she is. Lynn, may you ride all day in perfect weather and only come home because there's an excellent bottle of wine and a cake waiting for you with a new puzzle to complete afterwards. Sal, do you hear me?

#2, the muffin head was born, fluffy pooper bunny that he is.

There is much to celebrate.


ible said...

Awww, thank you. I had a wonder day. I hope Cyril did too.

ible said...

I meant wonderful of course. Darn fingers can't type after champagne!

shellswick said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Salas! To a great many more!
Happy Birdday Cyril "Fluffybunnypooperhead" Salas!