Monday, March 26, 2007

My world, she is crumbling.

The Steel Pig on 89th and Aurora is closing. I dyed my hair a catastrophic color. The weather continues cold and soul-crushing. Christian gets to go bowling during work while I try to figure out why my NEA never got processed and why I'm being told only five days in advance that a budget is closing. The sweater I've been knitting Christian for six months is coming out too small. I have no solo gigs lined up for the indeterminate future. I need a cookie.

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shellswick said...

You have a Peep pillow and your superior skills saved us money on the Trip-o-vacation-anniversary-o-rama. And you are tall. And your hair looks cute. And your breathe smells like peaches. And I wrote about another horrible book that you can borrow!!! And I will make you cookies. And on Sunday, you get cake!