Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February Lows

I've been feeling very low as of late, with the unresolved accident and the dismal weather, so I haven't been able to muster much energy to post a brilliant and ripping description of my England trip, but I was recently given two bits of post-worthy hilarity to keep me going:

1. Every time Sandra Lee flashes her cleavage, the portal separating our world and Hell cracks open a little wider. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.

2. We banned the Electric Slide from our wedding reception. I'm glad, as it could have engendered a lawsuit if we posted the video online.

Ah, American culture. You never fail to give me succor in times of woe.


shellswick said...

Who is Sandra Lee? And as for the bleechs...I recommend light doses of fizzic and being rubbed with soft turkish towels...or, watching depressing French musicals and feeling better because you don't own an Umbrella shop.

AAM said...


Christian said...

I wasn't able to fix the links last night, Susan, but you'll want to fix'em. They gots too many fronty webby things on them.

snusnu said...

They done be fixed.