Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We cannot let the lorises down.

There is nothing on earth more calculated to pierce you through the heart than a tiny, big-eared mammal, neglected by the scientific and ecological community, brushing the edges of extinction and so rare that only one or two have ever even been photographed. Now, add 99 more of his or her strange and wonderful bedfellows, and you get this.

Now, it's not only the painfully adorable and absurdly fluffy that are in real danger of being lost to development, toxicity and deforestation. Take a long look at little Mr. Marsupial Mole. Furry, but odd and slightly disturbing. And yet, I still want to fly to Australia, find him in the desert, put him in my pocket and bring him home with me. I'll build him a habitat just like the one we built for Gwendolyn, except sandier. I'll pet his little leathery face and give him bugs on which to chew.

And Mr. Slender Loris? This guy is related to the peanut in my avatar, my favorite animal at the zoo, little bowling ball butt, Senor Stinky, Mr. Mouthful of Stuff that Makes You Itch. I cannot forget him, upon whom Golum is OBVIOUSLY modeled, right down to the opposable thumbs and long spindly middle finger. Him, I'll let sleep in my bed. He can use my blankie I've had since I was two. Those knobby arms need something cozy. I'll knit him a sweater, maybe. It's cold here in the winter.


AAM said...

You must name the lorus Dobby.

shellswick said...

Isn't it Lorii?

AAM said...

that was the sister who played the piano on the partridge family.