Sunday, December 10, 2006

An indigestible problem.

Cut it out, tie it up, fill it with sand and have the Fire Department decommssion it, I don't care. I just want someone to fix my stomach so I don't have reflux anymore. Singing today felt as though I had sandpaper glued to my cords, rough side down. I feel like I always have to clear my throat, acid bubbles constantly nto my esophagus and I feel wheezy all the time as my trachea is irritated.

I'm going in to a new doctor next week to have an upper endoscopy, a pressure test and a 24 hour pH monitor. I'll then have a consultation with the doctor to see if I'm a good candidate for hiatal hernia repair surgery. Cross your fingers for me.


AAM said...

I share your pain, it's all the coughing. Destroys the flap.
I hope you can have it done soon!

shellswick said...

Either way, the solution or the cure is horrible. So, I hope you get to feel better with the least amount of pain.

Rachel said...

If you're ready to try anything, have you looked around for someone who does cranio-sacral therapy, and specifically visceral manipulation?

Call the PT folks at the university and ask if they recommend any PTs who do the manual therapies. Call the local massage hotshots and ask them, too.

I used to be attached to a PT who could fix things that docs said were incurable or only fixable with surgery. If you have something in the wrong place, a good therapist should be able to help, if not completely fix, the situation. If nothing else, you'd be in better shape for surgery.

Like anything else, you need to find the good ones.

For more info, is a good starting point.

Best of luck with this.

Tina said...

What happened with this visit? I'm just reading this blog now on Jan 14th. What did the doctors say? :) Love, T