Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I just can't bear it.

I know I'm a hypocrite. When I read a story like this, and get so crushed by it that I tear up whenever I think of the tiny parrotlets which were the first ones I ever saw in real life, I know that I should give up eating meat. I mean, a story in a David Sedaris book about how he tried to drown a mouse that had been injured but not killed in a mouse trap made me cry because of the mouse's suffering, so how can I still consume animals that are killed in more terrible ways than these poor creatures in either story? This is particularly timely the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING. I love turkey, to eat, I mean. I don't love turkeys, per se, as pet-like animals in their own right, but how do I reconcile the love of one type of bird for my disregard of the welfare of another type? Maybe this is why we should all hunt for our food. If we had to look our dinner in the eye before shooting it, we'd eat a lot less meat. Of course, we'd never have to HUNT cows, as they are, well, stupid and would just stand there, but can't we kill them humanely? I could eat them, then. Raised humanely, killed humanely...wouldn't that solve the problem?


ible said...

One day my muther she come home weeth a rabeet . My seester she say " OHH How cute - - let's roast heem " . Muther she say "NO" . seester say " Let's fry heem " Muther say " Maggie ! thees rabeet is present for Aunt Molly " . "HOKAY " my seester say " Let's barbie kew him before we give it to MollY "
Muther she laff & say "Well maggie , if you so hongry we give Molly flowers then " . Seester gave Molly big hug & flowers .

jack said...

If I had to kill my own food I'd never have vegetables or bread. It'd be a bitch to go out and harvest all that.