Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Knitting for the Criminals

Miss Clara, a wonderful regular poster on the Singer's Forum (see sidebar), teaches a class full of underprivileged kids (lovingly nicknamed The Criminals), and some of us are going to put our yarn stashes and needles to good use and whip up some winter hats, scarves and mittens for these kids who sometimes go without even coats. I've gone to a couple of favorite free pattern websites and found these:

And there are hundreds more here.

Let us know if you can help! I'd love to see enough hats for more than her classroom, or to provide enough for even next year.


Jennifer said...

Clara just posted the address to mail the hats I've gotta get a move on!

Strangely, we have the same blog template...

Jennifer, aka "b.natural"

shellswick said...

Nothing hoodlums like more than knitware

ible said...

Count me in. I'd love to make some mittens for them. Is there a color or colors that they would like?
Thanks for the web links.

snusnu said...

Thanks, Lynn! Well, boy colors and girl colors, I suppose. I think browns and greys for they boys and maybe something brighter for the girls. Sound OK?