Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Measure twice, buy once.

It is official. We've gone to the scary place that only the mentally unhinged and bird breeders usually inhabit. We have joined the legions of those who have homes stuffed with animal habitats on every available surface, with furniture incidentally squished between bird cages and rickety incubators on top of old TVs. These poor souls usually have floors covered in seed and bird poop, dining room tables and kitchen counters covered in bags of Birdie Bread mix and carpets covered by easily washable towels. It's only a matter of time before we never leave the house because we're afraid to abandon the pets.

Witness the madness:

Our two itty bitty birds are in the upper right hand corner. Each side is meant to hold one bird. We could fit both birds and all of our other pets in one side and still have room for a cockatoo on the other.

Do you see how tiny they are in comparison to the cage? What the hell was I thinking? It takes up the entire space of a chair. It's not like we had room to spare in the livingroom, as it's a wee little parlor, but I honestly didn't measure the space correctly.

Hopefully once I have Mom sew a pretty little skirt for the cage, it won't look so very, very white and dominant. I hope.


AAM said...

wow. I thought you were going with green or bronze..its...BIG.

snusnu said...

We couldn't get the green OR the bronze. They only had white, black/silver and some other nasty color. White was the least offensive, but really, really obvious.